Wednesday, June 15, 2011


there is no secret that I love color.  so when my friend rachel blogged about a new paint line at lowe’s, I had to run and check it out! the paint is called “my color” and is inspired by pantone colors. 

paint 001

very pretty, huh?!

paint 002

and of course they had the color of the year, honeysuckle! at $9.98 for a quart, its priced just right.  and if you’re not into the “bright colors”, they also have some neutrals

paint 003

do you see the brochures to the right?  I’m excited to say that fellow blogger kristen f davis painted the pieces of furniture that are featured in them! i was so siked when i saw her tweet replying to a tweet that i sent out mentioning the new paint.  she is beyond talented and i can totally see why they chose her! 

have you seen this paint collection in your lowe’s?  i must admit, I had to drive a little outside of my town to see it.  i was told that it is very new so it may take another week or so to be available at all stores.



Girl...I need to run to Lowes! Can't wait to get my hands on a sample.....

Kristen said...

how am I just seeing this post?!?!???!! WEIRD. anyway - thanks for the mention!!!!