Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I never knew the purpose of going to thrift stores growing up. Actually, it was kind of embarrassing to me for my mom to take my siblings and I in there to search for different housewares (pots and pans, sheets, etc) and clothes (can you imagine me at 13?!). I usually tried to stay towards the front of the store and act like I waiting on someone (which I was--my mom)!

... Now my husband can barely keep me out thrift stores! Anytime I see a second hand store, antique shop, yard sale, or hear about an estate sale, I'm up and ready! There are so many things to be found. My favorite second hand store is Goodwill. There is always something to be found in there. And in my town, there is one on almost every block...well maybe not every block, but you get the point.

A few months ago, I had the the pleasure of meeting a fellow blogger (Dayka) who lives here in Atlanta and who also LOVES thrifting. She really finds great things while she's out. Since we met, we have became pretty good friends and I ran the concept of this blog by here and asked if she would contribute to the content (you know....tag teaming!) and she happily accept!!!

To make a long story short one of the things we thought of for the blog is having a feature called "GOODWILL HUNTING". It will basically show you what we've found and most likely purchased and ideas that we have to transform the items into something....Swoon Worthy! I think it would be great for you guys to email us pictures of things that you've found and know has potential, but not sure what that potential is!

So to not bore you any longer here is our first feature:

Dayka found this BEAUTIFUL headboard at Goodwill (and lets just say it didn't fit our beds to keep my blood from boiling over) and didn't have a way of getting it home.

Do you see the potential?

What about now?!!! This is actually a different headboard that was found on a great blog: House no.8 (stop by and tell Lucky Hi!) Can you see what could have been if Dayka would have purchased this headboard for me?! SWOON!

Here is another great headboard makeover. I received a comment from a reader telling me to check out her headboard and I'm glad I did! Take a look at her before:

Mow look at the after:
So what are you going to do next time you see a Goodwill? Nooooo don't stop. RUN! Run in there and see what they have that can be transformed into something SWOON WORTHY!


Anonymous said...

Great before and afters. I too am a thrift store lover. Love those 1/2 price days.
If I bring another stick of furniture into the house my husband will have a fit.

I'd love to have a "junk shop"but maybe will have to settle for a spot in a consignment store.
Keep up the great posts.

Isabella & Max Rooms said...

You've convinced me. There is one on the way to my mom's house that I always try to get a look at what is available driving by at 40 miles an hour. I guess that approach will get me nowhere...

Mrs. Chic said...

Love the name of your Feature, ver cute! I'm redoing our master bedroom sooon and I've been stalking Goodwill & Salvation Amry too - that white headboard is to die for, thanks for the idea :)

Coree said...

Hello. Just found your blog! Love your ideas! I will be a follower of your blog!

Sherry said...

Oh I so know what you mean, my stepmom used to live in The Salvation Army and on wkn viists to my Dad's I'd hate it when he'd tell her to take me shopping for clothes, but now I LOVE thrift shops! I want to come to Atlanta just to get that headboard! LOL

Tamstyles said...

i agree...i would have painted that sucker white and bammmmm. loved that headboard.

Timeless Style Design said...

Thanks for featuring my headboard. The white one is to die for. I'm looking forward to your Goodwill Hunting posts and will be following you.

Tara said...

Wow, that white "twirly" headboard as I am describing is GORGEOUS! U have me wanting to go thrift store hunting. I am loving your new blog. How is your dresser coming?

Erika @ BluLabel Bungalow said...

Oh, where did you find that first headboard??? It would be perfect for my guest room. Do you remember the cost? Please email me with the deets!!

mary'smom said...

I love the headboards! We have a newly opened Salvation Army thrift store in town...I cannot keep out of it. A bit farther down is Goodwill...I have also founds some cool things in there too!

My daughter is almost 13...she cannot see the purpose of thrifting either. She will clearance shop though!

Adrianna said...

That last headboard is killer! I love that it's the same color as the wall and the wood detailing really pops off in white. Almost makes me want to change my room AGAIN!

Adrianna said...

That last headboard is killer! I love that it's the same color as the wall and the wood detailing really pops off in white. Almost makes me want to change my room AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

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Serena said...

Hi! Did you know there is already a man out that that thrift dives who calls himself Mr. Goodwill Hunting? Check him out on Twitter. Just want to make sure you don't infringe on his name in case he has it licensed to him! :)

Anyhow, I'm right there with you! Thrift stores totally rock!! I started a blog recently called Thrift Diving that featured mostly thrift store stuff that I have found and have transformed to decorate my house. I just posted recently a post called "Upcoming Projects" where I posted pics of about 14 different pieces that are stacked up (hoarded!) in my garage that are just screaming "paint me!"

Serena said...

Ok, here is the direct link to my many of my awesome thrift store furniture finds! I find the most amazing stuff for cheap. Even my dining room table cost $12. Lol, I kid you not!! I refinished and stained it, and it looks amazing.

For some reason I can't post the link directly via my cell phone, but if you go to my blog ( and click in the tab "Upcoming Projects" you can check out a lot of ky thrift store goodies.

Love your site!


Decor & Harmony @ 4290 said...

This is such a fabulous post, my mother offered to give me an antique headboard just the other day and I said no.....I better make a phone call.