Monday, July 18, 2011


From time to time, I am a lurker on Etsy.  There are so many different categories but my absolute favorite is the furniture section. 

One of my favorite furniture shops is

Ruby Rhino ety



The collection of vintage refurbished furniture is so inspiring!

turquoise desk

pink dresser

white sideboard

inside white sideboard

multi colored sideboard

green desk

black and white chest

I could go on and on with with images because they are all Swoon Worthy, but I’ll let you hop over and check out the shop for yourself!


rachel @ gilly grey said...

I had never seen this shop. Thanks for sharing! I love it!


Rene said...

Swoonworthy for sure! Thanks for the link. For some reason, it is not letting me follow through GFC. I'll try later.

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

Pretty fabulous, that last piece is fun! Janell

Shannon said...

Very cool and inspirational. I have never looked at Etsy furniture before?

Tonia said...

Agreed, they lovely pieces. I can see why you're inspired.

Abby Barnett said...

Can I please have that black and white piece!!! OMG!!!